Does anyone know?

I believe I have already posted most of this information already, but bear with me. I recently viewed a tape at my local LDS library which I think was an index of emegrees through the port of Hamburg, I think for the years 1834 through 1913. (I may be off a year or two). There is a line for 'Year', a line for 'Page' and a line for 'Code' The page line has the number 590 entered. But the 0 is smaller in size and centered on the line. Perhaps a zero. But that is not my real concern. To what do these entries refer to?
The volunteers at the library were of no help. Can anybody out there tell me?
The information regarging the object of my search. Julius Wilhelm Burgdorf mathched what I already know but there was an origin place name, Baddeckenstedt.