Disaster in Cologne, Germany

On 3 March 2009 the City Archives of the German city of K�ln (Cologne)

> was destroyed. The archives were housed in a building from 1971, that
> suddenly collapsed, maybe due to underground building work.
> At least one person was killed, maybe more, as they have not yet been
> able to clear the rubble.
> The archive had documents from the year 922 and onwards; they had 1800
> medieval records and 358 books of city court and other records,and much,
> much more. It was the largest city archive north of the Alps. It is not
> yet known much much it is possible to salvage. At least one underground
> storage room was not destroyed, and it was possible to save tax records
> from the 11th and 12th centuries.
> The loss of irreplaceable these documents is a loss to all researchers
> all over the world, wether one has German ancestors or not.

bob gillis