Diedrich Family

Hello List,

My great-great grandparents, Georg DIEDRICH/ DIEDERICH, and his wife, Elizabeth Barbara
"Kate" KASTENBERGER/KATZENBURGER, b. 1799 in Norway, emigrated from Poppenlauer, Unterfranken, Kingdom of Bavaria on August 1, 1851 and arrived at New York on September 16, 1851. The ship's record lists him as traveling with his 6 children. However, only 5 children were his: Georg, b. March 4, 1821; Barbara, b. 1823; Eva, b. December 4, 1826; Catharina, b. April 26, 1833 and Elizabeth, b. August 9, 1846. Georg, the oldest was married to Margaretha BOPP/POPP on November 25, 1845. This information comes from the church records of St. Paul Lutheran (Evangelisch) Church in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.

I am looking for further information on this Diedrich family: Birthdates of Georg and Elizabeth Barbara Kastenberger, Parents or ancestors of both, and some explanation of the connection beween Norway and Poppenlauer, if indeed, Elizabeth was born in Norway, as the record suggests.

Feel free to respond in German. I read German very well, but hesitate to write in German because I know I make many errors.

Thank you.

Virginia Peter
Winter, Wisconsin