Details of Espey Family for the Oldenburg Auswanderer - Alma Gode was born in Oldenburg

Dear Gunter,

I am trying to put together the story of Franz Julius Espey who married Alma
Gode who was born in Oldenburg on 8 November 1854 for your Auswanderer site.
They married in Weimar, Texas on 30 Jul 1881. They had two children the
first a son who was born on 03 Jun 1882 and died soon after. The second a
son Julius Eitel Espey who was born on 7 May 1884 in Weimar Texas. In 1885
this Espey family moved back to Germany and lived there for 4 years before
returning to Texas in 1889. I am not sure where they lived in Germany when
they returned, as my US cousins just said it was Northern Germany. It may
have been Varel where Alma's sister Auguste Hermine Christine Gode had lived
before she died on 28 April 1882. You have Auguste's details already on
your site. She was married to Friedrich Wilhelm Gerjes who died in 1888 and
it was a year later in 1889 when the family moved back to Texas taking
Auguste and Friedrich's son Gustav Adolph Gerjes aged 14 with them. I have
two translations of letters, one written by the grandmother and mother of
Alma Gode, Wilhelmine Louise Janssen born Varel 11 Jun 1820 giving advice to
her grandson with regards to his new life in America and a little not from
Gustav when he arrives in Southampton. If you would put this type of
information on your site and would like these letters, please let me know.

I have Franz Julius Espey immigrating on 28 February 1873. He arrived at
the port of New Orleans, Louisiana, however he was born in or near near
Neviges, Mettmann, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. I have today found out
that Alma travelled to the US after Franz Julius Espey had seen an
article/photo of her in a newspaper. He apparently made contact which led
to Alma immigrating to the US in 1881 to marry him. Alma was 27 when she
married Franz Julius Espey and I am told that Franz had been married twice
before marrying Alma. No one appears to have any specific details of the
immigration of Alma Gode. I have searched on the Ellis Island site but the
records are too late. I have also attempted to search on the Castle Garden
site but when I did no GODE names came up which I thought could not be

Gustav Alolph Gerjes

Citizenship Declaration: 15 October 1896, Bexar County Courthouse

Immigration: 13 August 1889, Arrived at the port of New York

Naturalization: 19 October 1898, Received citizenship papers, filed at
Bexar County Courthouse, San Antonio, Texas. Those in support of his
application were H. Morris and AM Cohen

Information from Email from Sr Jule Adele:

After both his parents died, Alma Gode/Espey took her 14 year old nephew to
the USA with they moved back to Texas after about 4 years in Germany.
Gustav Gerjes is buried at Alma's feet in a cemetery in San Antonio.

Thank you very much for all your assistance on my Gode Oldenburg family. I
have been very fortunate with my research in that area on my ancestors.
People have been most helpful and generous with their assistance.

Best Wishes



Has anyone determined that there were Stahmer famiies in or near Cloppenburg
Oldenburg in 1865 & 1867? Are Stahmer families currently living in those
areas? My grt-grandfather was Hermann Georg Diedrich Stahmer b 16 Jun 1842. I
know nothing of him or his family except for what is shown on passenger lists in
those years from Bremen to NY (Amaranth) & Bremen to New Orleans (Dorrette),

Most appreciatively,

Mary Cuthbert

Hello Mary,

I checked the phone directory around Cloppenburg, without success.
The next Stahmer address is in Osnabr�ck 60 km far away.
I think your Stahmer lived in Cloppenburg.
In an older mail you told he married to L. Lohmann in the States, she was also on the Dorrette ship.
There a lot of Lohmann addresses in Cloppenburg area. Do you know where Lizzie is born?

Werner Honkomp

Hello Mary,

as I told, there are no Stahmer in Cloppenburg area.
But just north of Cloppenburg county is a concentration of this name in Ammerland county. Try his:

I have not an idea which town it could be, there a Edewecht, Westerstede, Bad Zwischenahn etc.
Werner Honkomp

Hello Werner,

I do not know where Louesa/Lizzie was born, except that her biological
mother Katherine Marie 'Mary' (maiden name unk) Kaehlmann, and Johann
Wilhelm Heinrich 'Henry' Lohmann, were listed on census records as having
come from Melle Hannover Germany. Lizzie's true maiden name was Kaehlmann,
or something to that effect. Mary and Henry had 3 sons together, younger
step-brothers to Lizzie. F/Frederick August Lohmann b 1860 was listed on
the "Dorrette" passenger manifest along with Lizzie b 1852. The 1870 MO
census shows the 2 youngest boys - Hermann b 1862, and Otto b 1864 in
Germany. Were their birth place true, they must have been stowaways coming
over aboard the "Dorrette". It is unclear what became of the boys in Warren
Co MO. They may have succumbed to a cholera epidemic which swept the area
at that time. After Lizzie died 14 Mar 1889, and Henry Lohmann died 18 Mar
1895, each in Warren Co MO, Mary Lohmann should have appeared on the 1900
census before her death 29 Jan 1902, however, she is never recorded again
except in the Wright City MO Cemetery where she rests beside Henry, Lizzie
and Diedrich. The Lohmann boys are another mystery.

Thank you for any help resolving the early history of these family members.

Mary Cuthbert

Hello Werner,

In which area is Ammerland County? I continue searching for the family of
Hermann Georg Diedrich Stahmer born 16 Jun 1842.

Mary Cuthbert

Hello Mary,

the Ammerland area is a part of the Oldenburg province, former Dukedom Oldenburg. Look this map:

and here the parishes with expert addresses:

I hope it helps,
Werner Honkomp