Dammeyer-Langemeier Families

Hi Charlotte,
I have looked on www.familysearch.org website and see from the Library
Catalogue that there are some films available for the small villages you are
interested in but not for the timespan you state. I'm also researching the
Salzgitter area and have found my ancestor's full family listed in the 1852
Salzgitter Court Records. Your nearest Church of Latter Day Saints family
history centre to view these films can be found on the home page of the
above site.

Below is the email address and snail mail address of the Ev. Lutheran
archives. The last prices quoted to me for information was up to 30 Euros
with extra cost if I want a b.m.d. certificate. The archives do not send
photocopy images of records.

Landeskirchliches Archiv Wolfenbüttel,
Postfach 1664,
D-38286 Wolfenbüttel,
EMAIL: archiv@luth-braunschweig.de

For researching Catholic records:-

Postal address
Diocese archives Hildesheim
P.o. box 10 02 63
31102 Hildesheim
EMAIL: bistumsarchiv@bistum-hildesheim.de

Good Luck,
Rena in England