Cordes from Oese

I see that you are very well acquainted with the geografical situation of my
native area.
You say that you was just looking at the Oldendorf records. I traced my
familiy von Spreckelsen back to Hinrich von Spreckelsen born in Oldendorf
abt. 1612. But this not the reason why I am writing . I would much rather
know whether your familiy Buck is coming from Oldendorf since the familiy
Buck of the parish Oldendorf is also in my tree.
Your are mentioning the "Kirchenbuchduplikate" which are available there on
microfilm. From the years specified by you I understand that the films were
made from the so-called "Kirchennebenbücher" deposited in the
Niedersächsischem Staatsarchiv in Stade. However, it is not quite easy to do
researches in the Kirchennebenbücher since too many years are not available
therein and they are not provided with indexes of names as they are existing
in most of the original records deposited in the corresponding offices of
church. For instance, the original records in Oldendorf have name indexes and
just now the index of marriages is being completed by the names of the brides.

Albin von Spreckelsen
Tekenbarg 10
21224 Rosengarten/Germany

Hallo Albin,

Yes, I am using microfilms of the Stade records. You are lucky to have
access to indexes of the actual Oldendorf Kirchenbuch records -- I recognize
it will make it much easier to work with the records. My biggest problem
with the Oldendorf records is that they are very difficult to read, more
difficult than the records for Lamstedt, Oerel, Oese, Bevern, Selsingen,
Bargstedt and Harsefeld.

I have four lines of BUCK ancestry, three on my father's side and one on my
mother's side. My name line of BUCK comes from the village of Dornsode in
the B�rde Lamstedt -- the family has lived there since at least 1525. I
also have another line of BUCK from Hollen in the B�rde Lamstedt from the
early 1800's and another Dornsode line from the late 1600's. My mother's
BUCK ancestors came from Hude in the parish of Oldendorf. I only have one
name from this line at present, however, a Trin BUCK who married Karsten
DEDE from the village of Schierel (just east of Elm) in about 1755. I don't
have a birth date or an exact death date for Trin BUCK. She apparently died
sometime between the birth of her last child in March 1774 and her husband's
second marriage to Gederuth BARDENHAGEN (from Alfstedt in the parish of
Oerel) in June of 1777.

I have posted information about my father's BUCK ancestors at my web-site

in the report entitled "Ancestors of Hinrich BUCK". I haven't posted any
information about my mother's Oldendorf ancestors yet -- I have four
ancestral lines from that parish: SCHOMAKER/SCHOMACKER from the village of
Vorhorn bei Elm, DEDE from Schierel, BUCK from Hude and GOOSEN/VON GOOSEN
from Gr�pel. My mother's grandmother, Margarethe OERDING nee SCHOMAKER was
born in Elm in 1855 and died in Stade in 1935.

I also have ancestors from the following nearby villages:

Alfstedt in the parish of Oerel: BARDENHAGEN (on my father's side) and
HINCKEN (on my mother's side).

Bevern: TIDEMANN/TIEDEMANN (all the remaining family names will be on my
mother's side)

Pl�njeshausen in the parish of Selsingen: KORTE

Deinstedt in the parish of Selsingen: OERDING


Farven in the parish of Selsingen: OERDING, MEYERS and AUGUSTIN

Anderlingen in the parish of Selsingen: WOHLERS

Haa�el in the parish of Selsingen: MEIERS

Wohlerst in the parish of Bargstedt: OERDING (the family was also known as
ERNST in some records), VAGTS and DUDEN (possibly also THOMFORDE)

Bredenbeck in the parish of Bargstedt: WOHLERS

Kakerbeck in the parish of Bargstedt: LEMMERMANN and L�DEN

Hollenbeck in the parish of Bargstedt: STAHMANN, AHRENS and TAMKEN

Brest in the parish of Bargstedt: L�HRS

Moisburg: KN�DELN


I�endorf in the parish of Bargstedt: WIBUSCH

Bargstedt: H�VET

Boitzen (in the parish of Heeslingen?): MUELLER

Harsefeld: L�HRS, GERCKEN

Bredenhorn in the parish of Apensen: ALDAG

I would gladly exchange more detaild information about any of these
ancestors if you believe there could be a connection with your family.

Cincinnati, Ohio