Christmas Customs

I am keeping a file of the Christmas Traditions in my computer so that I can
print these and send them to my children and niece and nephews and their

I think our traditions and our beliefs are a most important part of your
family history. I don't want to collect just a list of names and dates. I
want to know about these people, what they believed, and how they lived and I
bet every researcher does too. My children are interested in what I have
been able to tell them about Mecklenburg so far.

They have often asked me what Christmas was like when I was little. I tell
them about the times when we children told the Christmas story to the adults
and how excited we were to get our little gift of a glow in the dark cross of
picture of Jesus along with a bag of Christmas candy from our Sunday school.
I described the candlelight service too with the two huge Christmas trees
shining in the dark as we sang Silent Night and many other Christmas carols.
In the telling I can feel the magic of the night and the awe and wonder I had
for God the Father and the baby Jesus.

They love your stories don't ever stop telling them.