Christian August LINDEMANN (1822-1896) and Marie GRAUKE (1834-1917)

Hi, Bonita. I did write that I had checked in GERMANS TO AMERICA, which
supposedly has all ships from Hamburg or Bremen to New York, including ships
which may have stopped somewhere else but then continued on to New York.
GERMANS TO AMERICA begins in 1850 and (in 66 volumes) is now up to, I think,
1892. I read through all the volumes 1850-1860, and found no index listing
for LINDEMANN or common variant spellings. Since I have now found the
variant LENNAMAN on the 1860 US Census for Minnesota, I will go back and
check for that or similar variants in GERMANS TO AMERICA. Thank you. Tom
Lindeman, Amherst, Massachusetts at <>

Be careful thinking that Germans to America has all the listings. They were selective in what ships they included.