Children before marriage

I had this same situation in my family. The records in Germany would show
both father and mother, but the child was illegitimate, and given the mother's
surname. One of my families had 3 or 4 children that way. I can't immediately
locate the web site where I found this information, but there was a time when
they (the little people) weren't allowed to marry without the Lord of the
manor's permission, which was rarely given, unless they could show they had money
to move and a new job where they were moving to. That happened in my family,
they married, moved, and had additional legitimate children. However, the
surnames of the first children were listed with the father's surname after that.
Apparently, marriage made the first children legitimate. In some towns
during that time frame, most of the births were illegitimate, while listing
complete information about both parents. It really made me wonder until I found
that web site!

Good luck in your research.