Catherine Eisenlohr

Dear Friends,

  I am looking for the family of Catherine Eisenlohr or Aisenlohr, born about 1846, who emigrated to the U.S. in 1869. Family tradition is that she emigrated alone. She settled in Missouri, married, and had 7 children.

  The census gives only "Germany" as a birthplace. Could you suggest in what part of Germany I might find Eisenlohr families? Any other tips about method, sources etc.would be much appreciated.

                  Thanks in advance,

                                    Rik Booraem

I suggest you check the New Orleans passenger lists.[Ancestry is good]
They are very good for that time period and sometimes list the town in

Ken Craft
Norcross, GA

"Eisenlohr" is a rather seldom surname. Most "Eisenlohrs" live in the
southwest of Germany, especially in the "Landkreis Reutlingen" and the
surrounding area (as todays directories show). Ask members of this list:
Wilhelm (Thiele)