Hi all: Wilfried's description of the area of Calenberg is very good. Perhaps a little history might clarify things for you. Way back when the original duchy of Heinrich der Lowe was broken up by the Emperor (1195), old Saxony was divided up into many different entities, the largest of which was Braunschweig-Luneburg, of which Luneburg was the capital but Celle was the "Residenzstadt" where the duke lived most of the time and most of the government offices were located. Hannover was just a small insignificant village at this time. Over the centuries, Braunschweig-Luneburg enlarged itself thru marriages, inheritances, etc. After the 30-years-war the then duke willed that each of his sons would rule in succession, first in Hannover, then in Celle. However, the second son, Georg Wilhelm,then duke of Braunschweig-Luneburg, signed away his birthright to his youngest brother, Ernst August who was duke of Calenberg, in order to gain the Emperor's permission to marry his mistre
ss Eleanor d'Olbreuse and legitimize their daughter Sophie Dorothea. After his death (1705), Ernst August united the two duchies (and several of the smaller pieces) and called the whole thing Hannover. When he obtained the ninth Electoral vote (Kurwurde), it was technically called the Electorate of Braunschweig-Luneburg but he called it, incorrectly, KurHannover and the name stuck.
Ernst August's wife (widow) was the famous Electress Sophie who almost became Queen of England. Her son Georg Ludwig became George the First of England.
All of this is described - in a much lighter vein - in the second volume of my novel The Saxon Chronicle. See my website: Many of you have already enjoyed my books, I hope this will inspire many more of you to buy and enjoy them.
Some of your ancestors may still have called their homeland Calenberg after 1705 but that was when, politically, it ceased to exist. Hope some of this helps... Jane

Jane Swan
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Thank you, Jane. Not only is this note helpful but my children may have found the Christmas present they have been badgering me about.

Al in Music City

    If the province of Calenberg ended in 1705, then why would a person who
was born in 1802 say he was born in the Province of Calenberg. When the
person enlisted in the military about 1823, he said he was born in the
Province of Calenberg. Was the village Rehburg ever in the Province of

Thanks in advance for information.


Yes Sir, I think so. Rehburg is a little village west of the Steinhuder Meer, near to Hannover.

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