Busse family in Mt Prospect/Arlington Heights Il area

I'm sorry if this is a repeat message, I got mixed up lol.
The Busse family that I came from were in Bakede, Germany and Eimbeckhausen. Many attended The Nicolai Kirche in Bakeda, and also many attended the 12th century church, St Martin Church. The Busse family in the Chicago area were Lutherans.

Johann Friedrich Busse was born April 22, 1800 in Germany, he married Nov 2, 1822 in Bobber Nr.5-Germany, and died in 1877 in Arlington Heights or Mt Prospect area. He married Johanna Katz, also from the Hannover area.

His father was Ernst Ludwig Busse was born April 21, 1769 in Eimbeckhausen, Meinsen, Germany, and he married in Nicolai Kirche, Bakeda. Ernst was married to Justine Charlotte Tonebol.

Ernst's father was Johann Friedrich Busse who married April 17, 1756 in St Martin Kirche, Eimbeckhausen. No birth or death dates.

During the 1900's the children of Friedrich and Johanna prospered and grew. Many left the country and moved into the town called Mt Prospect, IL, where they became known as "the city Busse's"

This family had many reunions through the years, and they had a huge reunion in 1998 (for 150 years in America).

If anyone knows anyone in Germany that is related, please let me know.

susan voth