Hi List,

I am searching for ancestors and/or descendants of my Great Grandfather
August Ludwig Jacob Bublitz born 31 May 1849 in Malachin, Kreis Konitz, West
Prussia to Carl Friedrich Bublitz and Louise Elizabeth Redwans. August and
siblings Carl and Louisa Bublitz (Schaneck) all traveled to the USA and settled in
the Bay County, Michigan. I'd appreciate any help I could receive.


Luttom near Malachin, named before UBOGGA, belongs to the
Church in Tuchel.

See www.kartenmeister.com oder www.westpreussen.de
w/ Lokaliesierung.

In Luttom there exists only some houses, may be 20 or 30.
In Luttom my "FREYTAG-"Father, Grandfather and
Grandgrandfather were born and lived there.

As I know, the FREYTAG- und BUBLITZ-Families all together
figured more than 50% of the inhabitants.

Catholic Luttom belongs to Rittel, church records burned WW

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