Hi Barbara,

Thanks for checking on the Brunyers for me. I will probably look at those sites for other German lines, too. Unfortunately, while the entries you found were indeed my people, they appear to be based on the LDS Ancestral File, which is the information I already have. I contacted the main submitter, who said that Hermann was actually not from the city of Hannover (I don't know how that error crept in; there is more than one submitter), but just from the kingdom. I even know that there is an area in Hannover where the name is very concentrated, but despite eliminating many villages through printed indexes and family books, there are still zillions left that are not on microfilm or in print. I guess I'm just grasping at straws, hoping that someone else is working with this family and can point me in the right direction. I rather like looking at old records, but there's got to be a way to narrow things down a bit. Martin BRUNIGES, anyone? Johann Martin?

Thanks again,

     Have you ever tried this site:

Do the full-text query and also the Metasearch to the right. I found tons
of names Otten, but nothing for Brunyer or Bruniges. Have you tried the
rootsweb message boards?

     Do you think Brunyer could be the more common Bruner? When I tried
the German telephone book for those names, there was no listing. Is that
right, do you think? Many were there for Otten, however.

     I've been in your position and I know well how difficult it can be. It
is maddening. I have brick walls and dead-ends as well. And there are some
that I know where they are from, but can't get to the records. I went to
Germany and did research there, but it takes more time than we had allowed.
Oh, well--the hunt goes on.
     I'll keep your names in mind.

Please try to cut old data from your reponse messages and include
only that which is relevant.

I have Brundier and Otten in my database.


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