These are the various forms of the name. I would like to know what
became of my grandfather Otto Brudtkuhl's brothers. I have heard that
they all had military duty although one may have been in the Boer War
in S. Africa.

Their names:
        Frederick Emil Brudtkuhl b. April27, 1858 Barmen
        Ferdinand Ernst Brudtkuhl b. February 25, 1860 Barmen
        Ernst Ewold Brudtkuhl B. May 17, 1861 Barmen
        August Brudtkuhl b. November 27, 1862 Barmen
My grandfather Otto born in 1864 in Barmen came to America in
1880-1881 and I know his complete history. I would appreciate any
information or sources I could obtain on his brothers. Thanks.

herb Brudtkuhl

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