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Thanks, Rena,
   I'll keep a record of your links. I've just signed up for Eng-Surrey List. I'll try it for a while to see how I like it.
Don Roddy
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Rena MCCARTHY <> wrote :

   I am just starting to delve into my English ancestors [ my grandmother
was born in Surrey]. Can you tell me if there is a British genealogy group
similar to Hannover List?
   Thanks, Don Roddy

Hi Donny,
Most county Family History Societies have a 'Members Interest' page which
either sets out the surnames they are interested in and/or information they
hold (e.g. census/parish records/etc) and are willing to answer questions on
a voluntary basis - unfortunately, East Surrey FHS and West Surrey FHS
webpages do not appear to offer this free information.

This is the discussion group sponsored by rootsweb.

Irish origins and Scottish origins discussion groups can be accessed on the
left hand side of this

English queries and discussion can be accessed on this page - to join
submit the form just as with Hannover list.
If englishorigins listers are as helpful as scottishorigins listers then you
should have plenty of help.

Happy Hunting,