British Dispatches - Prussia 1860-1899

(aka Lecher for those who know me better) ;)Rena the true blue royalist McCarthy wrote:

From 1860-1899 the reports (dispatches) from Europe to the UK government
suggest Bismarck seemed to terrify all around him. I entered 'Bismar*'
year ending 1902 and got words of "fear", "Intrigue" and "Warlike", and of
course France popped up :slight_smile:

<snip> Rena, Rena, Rena, you pain in the [*] royalist! Otto von Bismarck is the
VATER and George Washington of Germany. Like it or not!
Next in line : Frederick Barbarossa (only for the old-timers and die-hards)
Jb <snip>

Hi Jb - I take it you wish to parry?

Have you been celebrating New Year early?

We didn't live in those times, so we can't say if Otto von Bismarck was a hero to all citizens of dukedoms, kingdoms, states, etc., in Europe.
Also, if you had copied my actions you would have seen various Bismarcks were mentioned in the archives!

<snip>(and of course France popped up :slight_smile:
<PS. Leave the Frenchies out of this!>

Ou Ce qui? / Oder was?

By the way: Thank you for notating me with a star sign *- my family would approve of that :slight_smile: