I am excited to find this resource and am looking forward tothe possibility of learning about my ancestors who came from Westfalen.
Hermann Christoph Botemoeller and Maria Todrang(k) gave birth toa son, Caspar Heinrich in Oct of 1826 as recorded in the parish records of the Evangelical Church of Brockhagen. Later, around 1840, the family came to the US. I am very interested in finding any information that might be available about this family and the associated families of Todrang, Drewel, Schuetters, Strothmann, Kraemer, Koelkebecks or others.
I would also appreciate any advise as to how to do further research regarding cemetary records, land records and locating and families currently living in the area.
Thank you for your help,
Barbara Bottemiller Malin

Hello Barbara,
here are some ancestors for you:

Nachkommen von Hermann Paul Bottem�ller

Erster Generation
1. Hermann Paul Bottem�ller .
oo Catharine Margar. L�ckmann or L�cking before 1784.
Sie hatten die folgenden Kinder:
+ 2 M i. Hermann Christoph Bottem�ller *17.09.1784 in Brockhagen
3 W ii. Anne Marie Louise Bottem�ller ~06.07.1794 in Brockhagen, ev.

Zweite Generation
2. Hermann Christoph Bottem�ller
*17.09.1784, ~ 26.09.1784 in Brockhagen, ev.
oo Maria Elisabeth Todrang before 1821.
Sie hatten die folgenden Kinder:
4 W i. Marie Ilsabein Bottem�ller ~08.04.1821 in Brockhagen, ev.
5 M ii. Caspar Heinrich Bottem�ller *23.10.1826
~29.10.1826 in Brockhagen, ev.
6 W iii. Catharine Louise Bottem�ller *21.01.1833 in Brockhagen, ev.
7 W iv. Marie Wilhelmine Bottem�ller *07.12.1835 in Brockhagen, ev.

Eva (Holtkamp)

Thank you very much. I had the second generation but not the first, this is great.
Is this taken from the parish records or some other source?
I am very impressed with the results from this site and hope that I can contribute something for someone soon.
Kind regards,