Bode from Dassensen (former Kingdom of Hannover)

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I think I have found a trace to Bode/Wolter in Dassensen. This is the information that my search was based on:

<<I'm looking for information about my great great great grandfather-all I
know is he's from Hanover-my great-great -grandfather was wilhelm
bode-born in hanover april 11 1846-married to johanna wolter-wilhelm's
sons were: herman fredrick,adolph william,walter otto, edgar william and
alvin otto---my great grandfather was august gustav bode born in hanover
jan 27, 1886-wilhelm's father was listed as "henry bode" and no
mother's name was given->>

<<I just looked at one of the papers that has a little more info on my great great grandfather August gustav Bode-- it says Dassensen, Hanover-- that was 1886-- but, I can't find where that is-- it's probably a spelling error or something-->>

Dasssensen is situated in the Einbeck area of southern Lower Saxony (S�d-Niedersachsen).

In the "Ortsfamilienbuch Dassensen, Wellersen, Rotenkirchen" (Rolf Nowak, Uslar 1999, Verlag Genealogische Forschungsstelle Uslar, ISBN 3-9807068-1-8) I read the following entries, which appear to describe the searched-for Bode ancestors, although there are some minor discrepancies with the dates provided above.

Explanatory comments from me appear in double brackets ((..)) and are not mentioned in the Ortsfamilienbuch. Further it must be known that the given name of a person is not always the first one mentioned in the records. Date format is always "day.month.year". Here are the entries,

Bode, Christian Friedrich August, * 29.2.1820 in Hilwarthausen, Servant in Hilwarthausen ((today: Hilwartshausen))
o-o... ((fathered a child born out of wedlock with))
Sudhoff, Engel Sabine Friederike, * 22.7.1824 Dassensen, +13.9.1845 in Dassensen

    Son: Sudhoff, Heinrich Christian Wilhelm, *11.4.1845 Dassensen
    ((note his birth date;, note also that children born out of wedlock
    inofficially very often bore the names of their fathers! He is
    further mentioned in entry #3837))

Sudhoff, Heinrich Christian Friedrich Wilhelm, born out wedlock, *11.4.1845 Dassensen, Servant in Oldendorf,
oo ((married)) in January 1869 in L�thorst
Wolter, Johanne Caroline Wilhelmine Therese, *17.5.1846 L�thorst ((no children are listed to this family, so it may well have moved away))

There is another train of entries that may be relevant too. Whether they are connected with the two entries above I cannot verify but it may be possible.

Sudhoff called Bode, Wilhelm, Worker in Rotenkirchen
oo ((no date or place of marriage given))
Wolter, Johanne, [see also #4169]
children: ((there are six children born between 1870 and 1888, the first two listed were born in L�thorst and the last four in Rotenkirchen. Five children die in childhood, the only child whose death is not recorded is:))

    Son: Bode, Georg Carl August, *27.1.1885 in Rotenkirchen ((part of
    the parish of Dassensen))

Wolter, Johanne
o-o ((has a child out of wedlock, no father mentioned))

    Daughter: Wolter called Bode, Wilhelmine, born out of wedlock,
    *13.1.1868 in L�thorst, confirmed 2.4.1882 in Dassensen

((Joanne Wolter mentioned in #3836 is identical with Johanne Wolter of #4169, and the father of her daughter Wilhelmine may well be the same as in #3836))

All of the above named places are in the Einbeck area of southern Lower Saxony (S�d-Niedersachsen). My wife's ancestors came from the Einbeck area including Einbeck, Dassensen and L�thorst. On my website in German and English

I list many ancestors from the area of southern Lower Saxony including Dassensen, L�thorst, and Einbeck


Gerd Hillebrecht