Bockhorn - von Oven/Kolff

Hi Faye!

LDS church has (

*07.03.1825 Bockhorn
+ 25.06.1869

parents: Hermann Gerhard von Oven and Susanna Alida Kolff

This could be a brother of Hermine Suanna Wilhelmine von Oven.

So your Hermine is from Bockhorn.

A listing of all church books from the Grand Duchy of Oldenburg you find here:

Click "Kirchspielverzeichnis" and you will find Bockhorn and where you can loop up the church books.

Greetings from Schwaben,
Andrea Korbanka

Hi Andrea

I hadn't checked the LDS website for von OVEN's for quite awhile. I checked
again today and have found Hermine being baptised in Coburg, Victoria,
Australia in 1867, 40 years after she was born. I would still like to check
the church books for Bockhorn though.

I will try to visit the Oldenburg Archives in the next couple of months and
see what I can find out.

Mit freundlichen Grüße