Blanken / blanking

Please can someone help me.

My husband's ggg.grandfather Johanne Heinrich BLANKEN arrived in the UK - 2 Sept 1836 on the ship Columbine and lived in the East End of London. In 1843 John Henry BLANKEN married Sarah JENNER, his father named as Henry BLANKEN, Occupation Farmer. On one of the UK census his place of birth was Hannover. I think John Henry may have been related to Hermann BLANKEN, one time Beadle of Kirchtimke as John and Sarah named one of their children Charles Hermann BLANKING.

If anyone knows anything about any of the above persons, I would love to hear from you.


Pearl - Luton, UK

Hello Pearl,

       If you have not used the Mormon website (, you
should look there. If you do a search on the surname Blanken and nothing
else, but click on the correct spelling box, you will find many Blankens
from Hannover, including Johns. I wasn't sure of dates, etc, but you may
want to look there.
     Also, if you go to this address

and search for the surname Blanken and Hannover, you will receive a
few results. Also, run the search again and spell Hanover with one N.

    None of these are direct answers to your question, but perhaps they
might provide a lead or two.

Good luck,