Birth certificate/ information


My name is Roberta Henke and I would like to solve a problem and hope you can help me. I wonder if there is a possibility of getting a copy of the birth certificate with you?

The birth certificate is from my grandfather, his name is HELMUTH HENKE, born on 3/22/1925<tel:+13221925>, the name of his father is WILHELM FRIEDRICH HENKE, born on 06/19/1876.

In some documents my grandfather is showing "Kohrbruck, Germany.", but I can not find any city with that name in Germany. My family emigrated from Karlsberg, East Prussia. Departure Hamburg with Dampfschiff ARTUS

They went to Brazil on 04/16/1926 or 04/24/1926.

They left the country using the Randow-Stettin district. I thought he might have been born there. I would like to know if there is anything about him in notaries because I am looking for his birth certificate.

Thank you!