Betrifft: Familienname Pie und Leichner (Leicher,Leichert)

Hallo Alfred der Masure,
dann will ich es auch einmal versuchen.

Christian August PIE 24.2.1845 in Kubillen Taufpate Totenhöfer , Eltern sollen sein Christian Pie und Elisabeth Louise Nitz , Suche alle Pie.

Christine Janowitz gesucht

Johann Gustav Leichner (Leichert usw,) Mehlkemen ca 1826 , Mutter Wilhelmine

Marie Renzeleit (Enzeleit) Mehlkemen ca. 1830

Gruß aus dem Ruhrgebiet


Hallo Alfred der Masure,
Can you please help me with my search for ancestors from East Prussia.

I am searching for information regarding grandfather Johann Hermann Schieman b. 1854 Albrechtsdorf East Prussia death date and place unknown.
                                                                first wife: Emilie Schulz, two children
                                                                second wife Wilhelmine Maser (or Mazur), three children
                                                                third wife: Berta Kilpert eight children
Schiemann family emigrated to Volhynia possibly in the 1860's or 1870's. Returned to East Prussia possibly in 1905.

As well my great grandfather Wilhelm Gottlieb Schiemann b. 1812 Redden East Prussia. Death date and death location unknown.
                                                                 first wife: Charlotte
                                                                 second wife: Lissette (eight children).
Itis not known when or if he emigrated to Volhynia or if he returned to East Prussia or died in Volhynia

Can you please look for any information on these Schiemann names in your records. It would be greatly appreciated as many others are also asking favors of you in their seaches.

Thank you for any help you can provide and my apologies for the request in English rather than German (no writing skills).

Kind regards,

Ervin Schieman
Calgary, Alberta, Canada