Bendawitz-Staniszcze Wielkie

Now that I have found my ancestors hometowns, I have started to read
through the microfilms at the LDS library. Some other towns I have seen
mentioned have been Harronkowski, Kowalowska, Heine, Carmerau, Gross
Stanisch, Gross Zeidel and they tell me that earlier records are in the
Sczedrzik parish. Surnames of interest to me are : STEINERT, KULIG (or
KULIK< KUHLIG), BARTODZIEJ, MROCHEN. If anyone on the list has
information about these surnames in that area, I would appreciate
hearing from you. I would also be willing to see if your surname is
listed in the records as I read them. So far I have only started with
the marriage records beginning in 1870 and going back in time. I have
put these on permanent hold at my local FHC. I will work on birth
records next. Thank you for any information you may have.
Unfortunately, I do not read German (only with a dictionary) and Polish,
very little. So please respond in English. I admire all who know a
second or third language, but unfortunately I forgot most of the Polish
and two years of college German did not stay in my mind.