Behrens from Neetzendorf

Thank you. I don't know why I haven't tried to write to any found in phone book. I was scanning some copies of stories about residents of Martin county. That led me to Roots web to investigate. I think those Behrens and others may have had something to do with this Becker/ Krueger family of scharmbeck. It said, If i am recalling right Wriedal, Scharmbeck.
also It may have had something to do with name of the farm. Or perhaps just illigetimate births. (verw.) ???
I received your map today. and I was noticing a little area that I thought said Scharmbeck. But I will have to do some map reading to see where this area of Sharmbeck really is.
I will have to look up that family You mentioned in phone book. Maybe I will find an address to write to. I did write to a Reinecke a couple years ago. No luck with her.
I found this website of Behrens. They had gone to Crete< illnois of Will county. They were connected to Olendorf and Hartman family.

West of Wells is a community of Rutland. It is north of Fairmont, Minnesota. Not quite to Truman. The settlement of these people may have extended to Trimont area. In Northrup they had an St James Immanuel Luthern church that many people who had descended from others who had married into the Drewes family. Some of these came from the Red Wing, Minnesota area. Some of these have the same surnames as those from My Bergen church area. However, there are probably tons of Brammer, Batterman, Lohmann, Hartman, Krueger, Mertens. Sometimes some are from Wurm, or Scharmbeck, sometimes Windhime or Windhind. And I think there is a Scharmbeck in Illnois too. I often see familiar surnames and connections in Kamm web sites. such as Steve Kamm. or Mike Borchert. And the Karen Rowe of Crete Illinois. She has Buschmeier name and many of her surnames went to Fairmont. Some went to Iowa, also. I have the name Meierbusch in the family. In that collection of surnames I have seen Martins and Mertens.

I believe Blue Earth Minnesota has some clues for me. I was reading a newspaper article about a celebration of a wedding anniversary of my grandparents. It said that they were all from a township of Blue Earth.

I noticed that there are two Hassels. A Behren relative was from Hassel. One Behren man married a Carsten of Walmsrode.

I find it rather hard to believe that once Luhmanns moved to Quickborn that ties were broken with the old relatives of Neetzendorf. After all Quickborn is not that far away.
It does seem that many of my ancestors moved over into Bleckede. I am not sure why.

I did not see one Seil on the archives of Hamburg. A few of them wee from Breese.
My one Meyer married people connected with ship industry. By the name Schmobel or Schmoble. I haven't found this name at all. Nor do I know where they lived.

That brings me to another question. Have you heard of any kind of immigration colonies leaving from Luneburg. I was reading that there was a communal colony from Luneburg to either clayton or a county near there. Iowa. It was an article that said that this person arrived there and this communal colony had already broken up and residents had moved away. I can find this again if you want to hear more about it.

You are so very helpful. I am looking for the Albers info, that I wrote down and then I will add it to your collection.

I have rattled on enough. If there is anything I can do for you in Minnesota or wisconson. I don't travel much till spring. but will be glad to find something for you there. My brothers still live in Minnesota.
Also, someone pointed this out. That many people settled in Door county Wisconson and then moved to Southern Minnesota. I am not sure why it was that way.
Take care.

Not far from Crete, Illinois, USA is a town called Schaumburg, Illinois,
settled by Northern Germans.
Some from this area went on to Minnesota.

a few comments..
1. Crete is not exactly around the corner from Schaumburg is
about 1hour+ and about 65 miles..

2. It is try that several of the folks from Schaumburg Illinois did go to
Minnesota, Nebraska, southern Illinois and one lister on our list is from

3. Schaumburg Illinois was settled in the 1840's by many from Northern
Germany, in particular from Schaumburg-Lippe in Hannover. Adjacent to our
township ,which is in Cook County, is Hanover township in DuPage County
where many came from other areas in Hannover in about the same period.

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This town in Illinois is named for the Schaumburg (Schaumburg-Lippe) which
lies south west of the city of Hannover. Scharmbeck is north of Bremen