Beckentin, M-S, Germany

Subject: [M-L] Beckentin, M-S, Germany
Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2002 23:11:49 EST

Would someone know what church parish Beckentin would be in? That is due
south of Grabow.


Grabow is the parish for Beckentin.


After reading the message from Mitch to Bob re the parish of

We were interested to see some of your research names in Kreis
Parchim. In particular Becker, Schröder and Warnke.

My seventh Great Grandfather was Hans Warncke (Warnke) who
married Grete Rogmann in Spornitz Mecklenburg in 1665.
(Spornitz is 9 klms from Parchim.)

My Schöders were from Brandenburg and my Beckers were from a
small village of Malliss 30 klms south west of Parchim. My 5th
Great Grandmother was Catherine Elisabeth Becker who married
Jochim Erdmann Voje circa 1780.

Wondering if there could be a connection.


Noel Bergman
Brisbane Australia