I am trying to connect the earliest Bartling in my family research to ones I found from an earlier time period. Let's see if this makes any sense.
My family origins are in Dudensen. Almost all the Bartling's are shown as being born there. However the earliest one, Heinrich Ludolf Bartling was born about 1744 in Baumeuhle, M, Beversen, Hannover. He died in Dudensen.
I then received some information about a census in 1689 where a Harmen Bartling resided in Baumuhle. Different spelling but the same place I think. Harmen had four children only one of which was a son. Johan Heinrich Bartling was born in 1680.
As there are sixty four years between the birth of Johan and the birth of Heinrich there must be one or possibly two generations for which I have no information. I would think the place to look would be Baumeuhle as Heinrich was born there.
Does anyone have any suggestion as to how I might find the missing links ?

Thank you,

Bill Bartling in Texas

Hello Bill,

today Baumühle is part of the city of Neustadt a.Rbge (am Rübenberge), north
of Hannover. Try to ask the Gemeindebüro Kirchengemeinde Neustadt am
Rübenberge. Perhaps the church records of Baumühle are in their stock.
Otherwise they know, where they lay. The address: Gemeindebüro Neustadt
a.Rbge, An der Liebfrauenkirche 5 - 6, 31535 Neustadt. Fon: 00495032-94879;
Fax: 00495032-94605; eMail:

Kind regards

Wilhelm (Thiele)


Are your Bartlings related to the ones in the tiny town of LUTTER, near Neustadt am Rubenberge and Mandelsloh?

I have a Cord Heinrich BARTLING born 27 May 1766 in Lutter who
married my ancestor: Catharina Dorthee SCHULTE born 4 Oct. 1763.
They had one son Johann Heinrich, who only lived for 1 year. He was born in 1794.

I am also looking for any connections to my Schultze/Schulte family. The following last names are ones that appeared as godparents:

Bartling, Rabe, Niemeier, Mahler, Knigge, Duensing, Schnormann, and a few others.

Any help greatly appreciated.
JJ in sunny California

I am sorry but I do not have any record of Cord Bartling or of Lutter.
However the location is very close to where my Bartling's are from I suspect
Cord may be part of the "lost links" I am searching for. None of the other
names you have listed are familiar to me.

Bill Bartling

Thank you Wilhelm. I will certainly follow the lead. If I may ask a dumb
question, what is the proper format for addressing a letter to Germany ?
Our normal method is:

number and street name
City, State, Zip Code

So for the address you sent me how would I address it ?

Gemeindebüro Neustadta.Rbge, An der Liebfrauenkirche 5 - 6, 31535 Neustadt.

Thank you,
Bill Bartling

Hallo Bill,

the german format is:
Name: Gemeindebüro Neustadt a. Rbge
Street and number: An der Liebfrauenkirche 5-6
Zip Code, City: 31535 Neustadt
State: Germany

Good luck !