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Ladies and Gentlemen:

    For the sake of accuracy, it should be noted that Otto von Bismarck was
dismissed from his post as Reichskanzler (Imperial Chancellor) by Wilhelm II
in 1890 and died eight years later.

    German dirigibles (airships) were typically filled with hydrogen gas
instead of helium as the United States had most all of the available helium gas
and refused to sell it to the Germans.

    It is not exactly correct that at the outbreak of fighting in Europe in
September of 1939 that the British had a "few dozen biplanes and monoplanes".
Between February and May of 1939, 467 Hurricanes, Spitfires and Gladiators
were delivered, 25% above forecasts. By August Fighter Command had 39
fighter squadrons, with a reserve of 200 aircraft. The source of these numbers is
the Air Historical Branch Narrative 117 "Air Defence of Great Britain" (RAF).

Gary Beard