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Gesendet: Mittwoch, 4. Juli 2001 09:21
Betreff: [POSEN] maybe different pronunciation?

Hi all,

My ggg-grandfather on his arrival in Australia in 1854 put down
as his former address
Laesgen Province, Silesia.

I have not been able to find this place. Is it possible that the
English interpretation of his accent was way off?
Does anyone with knowledge of the accent know what he might have
meant. I'm quite lost as I don't even know from which region
of Silesia he came from.

Thanks for any help.


Dear Ms. Kluske,

Silesia is not Posen Province. You should join the Silesia/Schlesien
mailing list:

Most cordial regards from Luxembourg

Gerd M�llenheim

I found this town in my book, "A Genealogical Guide and Atlas of Silesia"
copyright 1976 by Otto and Vera Kowallis, The Everton Publishers, Inc. (P.O.
Box 368, Logan Utah 84321).

I think the letters "ae" are also "a with two dots above it."

This book shows the following for "Laesgen":

Town - Laesgen
Kreise or Precinct - Gruenberg
County - Liegnitz
State - Silesia
German Population - 496

Town - Laski (Odrzanskie)
County - Zielona Gora

I went to and found a "Laski" in "Zielona Gora" map. It seems
to be a little southeast of Berlin but in Poland.

A good URL to find the Polish city name is:
They seem to be down right now.

The following page has a lot of great Silesia information:

Please let me know if you need additional help.

:slight_smile: Kris