Assistance Rendered By IMAR

Gear Dr. Gronau,
A few months ago I made some inquiries on behalf of a Mr. Leu. I received a
very neat response back from Ingeborg Lorenz. She gave me an idea of the
work that would be involved and the costs associated with such work. I have
passed this information on to Mr. Leu. Recently, I saw Mr. Leu again and he
informed me that he was able to receive IMAR information from California,
U.S.A.. This would of course save him the time, effort and expense of having
the documents translated if he should receive them from Germany. Personally,
I feel that I am out of the loop on this. I just wanted to find out if this
California reference is a bonafide connection to IMAR in Germany. I
appreciate your help and that of Ms. Lorenz with which I was very impressed!


Pieter Johannes Krommenhoek

Hallo Mr. Krommenhoek,

it seems to me that you mixed up something.
I do not belong to IMAR, I do not know a Mrs. Lorenz and
I also can't remember any mail by you to me.

I am the president of MFP e.V., see
Of course, we know IMAR and have some contacts, but
our association MFP does not offer any paid service.

Hans-Dietrich Gronau

President of the Verein für mecklenburgische Familien- und
Personengeschichte e.V. -