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There is just one catholic church in Vechta, the saint is saint George. The films are available outside of Europe at any LDS research center.
But in Vechta, at the catholic church (Katholische Kirchengemeinde St. Georg) there is a "village family book" though Vechta is a city, no village. Mr. Georg Windhaus, a local teacher sorted the vital records to family groups. Apart of some minor gaps, esp. regarding death dates, I have seldom seen such quality work. 12 volumes in a format as an encyclopaedia, vol. 13 for wives that married to Vechta from outside plus one for the Lutherans who were and still are a minority in Vechta.

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Thank you all.

My research shows my Witte family were, indeed, Catholics from Vechta. Does
anyone know what the Catholic Churches were in Vechta in 1820?
Searching for information on Heinrich Anton Witte who emigrated to America
in 1844.