Thank you very much. I will order that filmstrip when I find the correct
number. If you find a marriage of
Anna Maria Elizabeth Tangemann Korte and my Henry (think now, only Moller)
please, please let me know. But
I will order that microfilm I think that the folks in this family moved
rather freely between Oldenburg and
Osnabreuck. Thank you.

Bernardus Henrichs Corte, ex Vörden (Hannover)
married 5. Febr.1823 in Vörden to Anna Maria Elisabetha Tangemann,

Sophie, it is not clear for me,
assume you, that has died of Bernardus Henrich Korte early and Anna Maria Tangemann has married again a Henry Möller after that?


Dear Werner,
    Sorry if I confused you. Anna Marie Elizabeth Tangemann married BernardusHeinrich Korte in 1923. They had two children, maybe
three (unsure of that). Korte died and then in 1828 she married Johann Heinrich Gortemoller. I added the Moller in my email note
to you, thinking maybe I have been looking for the wrong surname. As far as anyone knows, Johann Heinrich's name was always
Gortemoller in Germany, but you mentioned that there is no such name in all of Germany. So I don't know whether to search for
Johann Heinrich Gortemoller or Moller, but that is the same man. They had three children in Germany ?, Elizabeth, Gertrude and
Bernard. Came to the United States and three other children, Bernardine, Henry and Julia. I do not know what happened to the Korte
children. They could not have been very old when their Mother remarried and not even very old when she left Germany.
I apologize for the confusion . A.M.Elizabeth Tangemann Korte Gortemoller only married twice.
Thank you.

Werner Honkomp wrote: