Anna Rössing geb. Cohrs Burgwedel und Verwandte

Hallo in die Runde,

ich versuche erneut, etwas über die Großmutter meiner Frau und ihre
Verwandtschaft zu erfahren:

Anna Dorothee Auguste Eleonore Rössing geb. Cohrs wurde am 27.8. 1871 in
Großburgwedel getauft. Sie starb 1910 in Hannover und war verheiratet mit
dem Straßenbahnfahrer Heinrich Konrad Rössing ( 1860 Betheln – 1919
Hannover )

Ihre Taufzeugen:

1. Johanna Dorothee Alpers, geb. Cohrs zu Großburgwedel

2. Fräulein Anna Schaumann daselbst

3. Ehefrau Eleonore König zu Brelingen

Ihre Eltern sind:

Kutscher Heinrich Wilhelm Cohrs ( 1833 – 1899 Burgwedel )und dessen Ehefrau
Elise Wilhelmine Sophie, geborene Schaumann ( geb. 1834 Altenhorst ,
verheiratet 1870 )

Weiß jemand mehr über die Vorgeschichte der Familie Rössing?

Weiß jemand , ob die o.g. Anna Cohrs Geschwister hatte?

Ist Johanna Dorothee Alpers geb. Cohrs evtl. eine Schwester von Anna Cohrs
Vater Heinrich Wihelm Cohrs?

Wie ist Anna Schaumann mit Elise Wilhelmine Sophie Schaumann, spätere
Ehefrau Cohrs verwandt?

Ich freue mich über jede Hilfestellung und jede andere Information in
Verbindung mit den Familien Cohrs oder Rössing.l

Vielen Dank

Bernd Meichsner


I am looking for Oscar Wilhelm Steiner who was born in 1862 in Bocholt, Borken, North Rhine-Westphalia according to my older relatives. He came to the US when he was about 17 and we are told he was schooled in several languages to be a customs agent clerk. He had at least two sisters one named Clara and two brothers and a father that were supposedly bankers.

We do not know their names and I am looking for this family. If anyone knows about this family I would appreciate any information.

Jeanne Miller

Hi Jeanne:

   This List is for the Hannover area , known at one time as the Kingdom
   of Hannover. While it is bordering the area you are researching, you
   may find more specific information by googling : North
   Rhine-Westphalia Genealogy. The Nordrhein-Westfallen GenWweb site may
   help you. It has information about Kreis (County/Township) Borken.
   Bocholt is listed under Ahaus. While there are a number of people
   searching for ancestors in Bocholt, none are searching for Steiner.
   However, they may be able to give you a source of information you may
   be able to follow. Also, remember that if he was named after a father,
   he may have been known by a second name rather than his first name.

   Also you can search at the Family History Library at:

   [2]Germany, Preussen, Westfalen, Bocholt

   There are church, civil registration, military and population records

   Don't confuse the Belgium Bocholt with the Westfallen Bocholt.

   [3]Belgium, Limburg, Bocholt

   Good luck,