"Mary Zarse" <> schrieb:

I'm new to this list and was wondering if anyone has done research on
the town of Eimbeckhausen near the present day Bad Muender. A Maria
Dorothea Wilhelmine Anderten b. 3 Nov. 1803 m. Heinrich Westermann of
nearby Nettelrede in 1826. Would anyone know how I could find out who
her parents, in Eimbeckhausen were?
Mary Zarse
New Berlin, WI

Hello Mary Zarse,

as you have got the definite place and date of birth it should be a not to expensive case to order an official birth documentfrom the local parish in Eimbeckhausen. One lookup for one person at a special date is very few work of research, so you might get away probably with the cheapest costs of about 15,-Euro and additional post fee. You get this official birth copy, if you can declare the researched person is a direct anchestors of yours. I found the following postal adress for the Lutheran church in Eimbeckhausen:

- Evangelische Kirchengemeinde Eimbeckhausen, 31448 Bad Münder, Tel. 05042 - 8560

You will get mail-adresses to the parish of Bad Münder by the following internet-links:

got to : www.bad-mü
then; click on information a -z
then: click on k for Kirche=churches
then: you see on the right side several mail-adresses of members of the parish

I would ask per e-mail for further advice, helpful will be of course a copy in German of your query.

Best wishes

Hans Peter Albers, Bienenbüttel