Ancestors from Mecklenburg to Australia

Hi Mecklenburg listers,

I am new to the list and was wondering if some nice person may be able to
help me?

Does anyone have any info on or are interested in the following ancestors of
mine who came to Australia from Mecklenburg or were ancestors of those who

SCHMAAL - Christine Caroline Elisabeth, b 29 Nov, 1822, at Wiebendorf in
Mecklenburg. Died in 1899 in Australia. Married Hans Heinrich ECKERMANN 19
Nov 1841 at Zahrensdorf, Mecklenburg.

Her father, Wilhelm Christoph Heinrich, b 11 Dec, 1787, also at Wiebendorf,
also died in Australia, in 1872. In 1819, he married Anna Harten (see
below), Christine's mother.

HARTEN - Anna Catherina Elisabeth, b 14 Sept, 1801, at Wiebendorf, died in
1876 in Australia.

Any info on these would be very helpful including death dates and places,
and any family lines that go back any further.


Paul Jenke
Swan Hill, Victoria, Australia