Hi Siegfried,

   Could someone tell me where I would find records for Altwasser Kr.
   Waldenburg, Schlesien. The LDS shows only civil records. What I'm
   looking for is records from 1920-1946. Also where would I find the name
   of the catholic church in this
   village and the address to write for records?
   My mother was born in Altwasser and told me there were 2 churches in
   Altwasser one Catholic with a school and down the street was the
   Lutheran Church. Both of them sat off of the main street Breslau Strasse

   Danke für Ihre Hilfe.Viele Grüße aus Maine, Siegfried

1st Parish "St. Barbara" at Waldenburg-Altwasser, catholic,restart your
seak under "Waldenburg".
Parish Altwasser founded Dec. 6, 1869, records ( = Akten/Einträge, nicht
Sätze!) started 1869.
2nd Catholic parish Waldenburg "Heiliger Schutzengel" founded 1372, parish
books starting 1603 - 1902 kept in episcopial archives at Breslau, BUT
filmed by Mormons!

3rd Also existing: Parish St. Franziskus, Waldenburg-Dittersbach, founded

Mostly it makes no sense to write to priest/parish nor to episcopal
archives, as very often stated in Mailinglist you won't get any answer.

As Mormons recently filmed newer parishbooks you should try it again on
Mormons website, familysearch with "Waldenburg".

Helmut Hackenberg