Alt Christburg Information


Have you written to the address which was given us in Poland? Do we
write in English, German or Polish? Do you know either German or
Polish? I, too am anxious to explore this avenue. I wonder why the
Mormon Church has not filmed those records yet, if they are in that


just be patient. I have to sort everything out. I saw your message "Klein"
and "Alt Christburg" and I know there has to be a connection.
Will contact my cousin in Germany who talked to the pastor in Alt Christburg
last year.
Anyhow, my native language is German-three of my cousins are married to
Polish women - just give me a few days to sort everything out - luckily we
will not have a language problem.



You are so very kind. It is wonderful, after so many years, that we might have
conquered that brick wall! Thanks, I will be patient. Sincerely, Arlene

Elke Hedstrom wrote:

Hello Elke~

It has been almost 6 months since I have heard from you. I know that my
Christian Klein that I talked to you about must have had several
brothers/sisters, but have no clue as to who they are. These Kleins had
7 or 8
children; some 12! Did you even talk with your cousin about Lutherans
in Alt
Christburg? Please let me know that you have not forgotten me. You are
my only
real connection to my East Prussia relatives.

Thank you.

Arlene Klein Bogardus

Elke Hedstrom wrote: