Algermissen and Jane Swan

First of all, thank you for writing your 3 books on Germany. I have enjoyed each one. While on the Algermissen site, I came across this, which you may have already seen. "The stone of the rope dancer and equilibrium artist JOSEPH BRUNS stands at the artery." I was interested in the site because it is close to LUHNDE where my grandmother was born. I am just starting her family research so am interested in everthing! Her maiden name was JAGAU, born 1844.

Anyone know of the Algermissen who emigrated to St. Louis? Conrad Fehlig, of
Harsum, noted in his diary the two words, "Algermissen visited." From the
context, someone named Algermissen visited Conrad's home in Webster Groves.

Bob Doerr in the beautiful Missouri Ozarks

Algermissen is a town in Neidersachen


But also one or more persons.

Bob Doerr in the beautiful Missouri Ozarks

Hi Bob,

in the online Findbook of the Staatsarchiv in HAnnover I found one entry for a woman named Algermissen. The surname Algermissen is not too uncommon near Hildesheim.
Sorry this is not really a lead to mor I am afraid.

1. Algermissen, Clara, Springe
2. 10. 12. 1889, Kischewo
7. Amerika
8. 22. 09. 1909


How long ago was the visit, Bob?

Roger Downey
Glendale, Arizona

Early 1900s. 1904-1912. I have only four of his diaries.

Bob Doerr in the beautiful Missouri Ozarks