Ahrens of Beverstedt

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I am looking for information on the following Ahrens from Beverstedt,
Hannover, Germany:

Wilhelm Ahrens and Catherine Margarete Koster Ahrens

and their children:

Borchert Hermann Jacob Ahrens 3/22/1844
Nicolaus Carl Angelitus Ahrens 3/22/1842
Margarete Wilhelm Dorothea Ahrens 3/27/1849

Hello "whatever-is-your-name",
Nicolaus Carl Angelicus Ahrens was born 3/22/1842.
Father: Wilhelm Ahrens, inhabitant of Beverstedt
Mother: Catharine Margarete, nee Köster
Patrons: Johann Nikolaus Köster, Sophie Eleonore Köster, Claus Borchert Otten, Margarete Meier, Johann Wilhelm Knorz (?, could be Kurz oder Harz as well)

The marriage was on 4/22/1831 in Beverstedt:
Wilken Ahrens, son of Melchior Ahrens, inhabitant of Volkmarst
Catharine Margarete Köster, daughter of Jacob Köster, inhabitant of Beverstedt

Wilken is the low-german form of Wilhelm, Volkmarst is a little village east of Beverstedt which probably belongs to the church parish of Kirchwistedt. Both the father of the groom and the father of the bride must still have been alive on the wedding day (otherwise it would have been written "son of the deceased Melchior ..."

Greetings from Lower Saxony
Edlef Pauly

Wondering if you have any connections with the Uthe, Udhe, or Eggers of
Edemissen, Einbeck, Hannover, Prussia. There's an Ahrens somewhere in this
family. Was there ever a Caroline Ahrens married to John Henry Eggers
around 1860s near Platteville, Wisconsin? Thanks. Mary Eggers green