To the end of the year in 2012

If the snow of the sky falls,
know overcast then wood and field.
Dancing flakes her round dance,
immediately to star towards the earth bend.

Then all children rejoice,
the winter is marvellous for them.
Sledges go, snowy shoe run,
Snowball battle, in the snow scrap

And before the year bends,
if the nice yule tide comes.
With apples, nuts, candle-light,
if joy sweeps in the heart.

If the presents are well packed,
for Largely and Small by the Christmas night,
then lets only in peace in you,
happily – so Christmas should be!

The end of the year is there soon,
of course – how every year.
Then quite a lot of looks back quietly,
how much joy, how much luck,
how much annoyance, how much grief,
and frustration was also present.

For what had one planned?
And how differently it has come then!
Even though – let the new year give cheers,
if there may be hope and health!

Cheers 2013!
Brigitta butter, office mountain

At the turn of the year from the Erzgebirge