1819 census mystery-please help

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I am trying to find the film number which contains the village of
Broderstorf in the 1819 census.
I have consulted the index and found that members of my Preuss family were
I then checked the index to find where the village was located, and it says
MB Rostock.

My records show that Broderstorf (and Neu Broderstorf also) is a village in
the parish of Kessin Rostock. The film numbers for the church records are
069,245 and 069,246 and they cover the years of 1709 thru 1925.

I show only 2 films for Rostock for the 1819 census.....R.A. = 068920 and
Stadt = 068931. No villages are listed on the data I have printed. There
is also one specified as Rostocker Militar Districkte, 068933.

You might take a look at the J Bowen website for a possible explanation of
the initials (DA,RA,MB etc). The old address I have is

I hope this helps

Linda Nycum